Rödl Middle East is a leading multi-disciplinary audit, legal and consulting firm dedicated to one goal. We help clients grow their business internationally, increasing the value of their global organization. We view each client, and each member of our firm, as individuals. A belief in teamwork, quality and personal service is the basis of our corporate culture.

Our dynamic development began in 1977 when Dr. Bernd Rödl founded Rödl & Partner in Nuremberg, southern Germany. Since then, we have expanded into 84 offices in 37 countries. Today, we are represented in all major industrial nations and have succeeded in establishing a solid market position in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, the Americas and Africa. As one of the few truly integrated global firms, we continue to grow our presence in all major destinations for foreign investment around the world.

Rödl & Partner, in partnership with Hikmat Mukhaimer & Co., has established a new presence in the Gulf and MENA regions under the name Rödl Middle East. Our objective is to provide customized advice, taking into consideration the Middle Easter business cultural nuances and the region’s economic growth potential.

Rödl Middle East combines interdisciplinary teams of specialists that are able to render a state-of-the-art spectrum of professional services to maximize our clients’ business success. Headquartered in Kuwait with our regional office in Dubai, we support clients with branches in many of the GCC and MENA countries.