Code of Conduct

Legal Basis

Rödl & Partner offices worldwide are bound by the strictest principles of law applicable in each country of operation, and in particular, by provisions of law and professional regulations of the professional body governing each office. We shall, at all times, safeguard the client’s interests and comply with any and all compulsory statutory and professional standards to our best knowledge and ability.

Ethical Basis

Rödl & Partner complies with the ethical standards of companies operating multinationally, including in particular, the general principles set out in the ‘OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises’.

Focus On Client

On the basis of comprehensive know-how and the experience of our highly-qualified professionals, we are dedicated to deliver customized services in close cooperation with our clients. All members of Rödl & Partner, partners and staff alike, are compelled to strive for understanding the business of their clients, and to consider the commercial and financial success of the client’s business their own prime objective.