One Firm Worldwide

Rödl & Partner is a worldwide organization consisting of offices that provide professional services under the Rödl & Partner trademark, which is directed by Rödl & Partner headquarters in Nuremberg, Germany.

Our firm will open offices where we need to look after clients’ interests, rather than create an artificial network of franchises. We have chosen to set up international subsidiaries that are either fully owned, or in which a substantial stake is owned, and are fully managed by the head office.

When Rödl & Partner opens a new office, we bring together local expertise with the skills and insight of foreign senior professionals, as this helps us to integrate more quickly in the community. This system guarantees consistency in the speed and quality of the work we undertake for our clients.

Through our internal organization, as well as the manner in which we deal with clients, we believe that Rödl & Partner has built quality into its structure. We offer clients an equally distinct level of service no matter where in the world we provide our services. Our approach may well be unique, but more importantly – from a client’s perspective – it works.